Movie Trailer! Bad Moms!

OMG have you seen this? This just popped into my feed but this looks HILARIOUS!!!


Movie Trailer! Bad Moms!

VhmPrincess reviews: Samsung 28.15 cu-4 Door French Refridgerator

Oh my goodness do I love this new purchase!  It was THIRTY percent off at Lowes last week so we bought one – our old GE was 12 years old and on it’s last legs.  The water from the water filter tastes perfectly like nothing – how filtered water SHOULD taste!

I am using the middle drawer for kid snacks so they have easy access to after school snacks that aren’t terrible for them.

The fridge part is SUPER spacious -all of our groceries fit in there (family of 5, including 2 boys that eat a TON) and what used to overflow into the downstairs fridge now EASILY fits in here!

The freezer part is also well laid out and spacious. Quick cook items go in the slide drawer and the main drawer has 2 compartments -one for desserts and one for meats. It’s PERFECT.

Also the fridge is very quiet – I am surprised at how quiet it is in the kitchen now.


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VhmPrincess reviews: Samsung 28.15 cu-4 Door French Refridgerator

Best example of Microblading (eyebrows)

Here is something new I wish I had known about before!  Microblading!

Background info ( InStyle Magazine article ):

Nadia Afanaseva, microblading expert and trainer at Eye Design New York, explained that “during the microblading process we use a special microblading pen to draw on individual strokes one by one.”

Here’s the newest picture I’ve seen – and it’s pretty awesome!

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Best example of Microblading (eyebrows)